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Web Design Programming Development

We create professional, advanced websites and play at very low prices

For the creation of your professional website, the unik agency accompanies you and advises you of its strong expertise to make the internet a tool of profitability.
We develop web applications to support your business and improve your productivity.

About us

Our Services

Our services are very professional, advanced, secured optimized and up to date,
Find our services at very low prices .

Web Design

Creation of professional clean and responsive website

App Development

Creation of mobile application and web application .

Web Hosting

We host websites already create on highly secure & fast servers

Graphic design

Logo & photo design,business card,bill board and other design services.

Social Marketing

We help companies boost their businesses through social networks .

Video montage

video editing for the presentation of your company and special videography

Some tools you'll need

A few terms and processes for website creation
The processes are very simple, efficient and fast

Our tools

Progress Bars

Percentage values are very subjective. Competencies whose values are more than 50% are those that I master the best and which I use the most regular.

If no competence reaches 100%, especially with regard to the languages of programming, it is simply because I consider that it is impossible to control one of them from A to Z As they evolve constantly over time.

Web Design
Graphic Design
After contacting us for the design of your website, we will conclude and signed an agreement if you are for the premium plan v1, but the other plan less (below) do not need to sign agreements. The terms and conditions, if you agree, you must pay a first installment
Other than the premium plan v1 and v2, you do not need to come at unikfx home, nor the agents of the company, you send us your personal information first and the texts (infomations, image, video and others) that should be on your Site via our e-mail or a word document via whatsapp
If you choose a premium plan, we will send you your site via a file via your email and if you entrust us your site for publication on the web and its management, you will pay only $ 15 a year. But for the other plan, the site can only host and manage by unikfx with the same price of hosting, also we host free personal site created by unikfx on subdomains
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NB: after the creation of your website, you will pay less than 15 dollars per year, in the language and the type of site. Your site will be visible on google, yahoo and many other search engine

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Site Quality

The sites created by unikfx are created with very advanced and updated functions that make more efficient, simple, visible, up to date and very beautiful. The site with a very nice presentation of your company, the photos are qualities and HD videos.

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